When you are on-the-go and looking for that extra energy in-between meals, a Snyder’s-Lance snack provides the perfect amount of portable fuel to get you through the day.

Snyder’s-Lance is committed to satisfying your desire for healthy snack choices that are not only better-for-you, but also deliver on taste and quality.

For those special occasions when you want a sweet treat or personal reward, Snyder’s-Lance has the perfect snack to satisfy your tasty cravings.

fun facts

We have a long standing Lance brands
The Snyder's of Hanover and
Lance brands are over
100 years old.
We have loyal snackers on


Snyder's-Lance products are
enjoyed on every continent except for Antarctica.

Cape Cod Chips are a
huge deal back home

The cape cod plant is in the same place
where it all started. The plant is also a top
tourist destination in Cape Cod.

better for you leadership

In addition to the better-for-you snacks that we manufacture across many of our brands, we established the Clearview Foods Division to develop more better-for-you snacks and to make sure these options reach our consumers.

eat smart