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Our weekend ritual. Tell us yours in the comments below!


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My daughter found a screw in her Lance Nuts!! That is NOT our weekend ritual!

Wish you would make gluten free version of these....the tiny ones are great, but these are more convenient for take-a-long snacking!👍🏽

If off work I cook my wife a nice breakfast

I love it

Yum yum!!

Campbell soup and lance crackers yum yum good that’s what they rbtogether

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Step up your playoff party game with a spread of salty treats.


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The non-GMO label contributes to scientific ignorance. Please remove this anti-science label from your products. That label is nothing more than a marketing gimmick and means nothing in terms of quality, taste, or safety.


Nice, I've been enjoying some Honey Mustard and Onion... you know.. "the good stuff."

I hope that Campbell's will keep Snyders the way they are!

Yum yum!!

a quand la mise en vente de vos produits en france?

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No matter the weather, Cape Cod is always in season.


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The best!

I do love these chips and I’m in Herrs territory!

I miss salt and pepper waffle cut chips

Still looking for the Russet chips here in Cincinnati

Salt and vinegar for the winnnnnnnnnn

They quit selling Cape Cod products at my Walmart.

My favorite chips. I love the bag!

Great beach bag!!!!!

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4 days ago

Pretzel Crisps

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I wish you, the company that makes Pretzel Crisps, could and would tell retail stores where to stock your product. Do they belong in the pretzel section? Do they belong in the chip section? It's frustrating to try to find your product in various stores I frequent. Heck, in one store, your product is in the deli section next to pita snacks and nowhere near pretzels or chips.

Yummy treats

Pretzel Crisps are So Good!!!!!! Sold mainly at Walmart or Target, can't seem to find them at other places.


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Where so I get cinnamon roll popcorn?!? Addicted not I can't find it anymore 😬

OK how do u do that magie trick what the secret let us in on it please

Elizabeth Mercado

Avoid the cold by cozying up with Cape Cod chips.


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I need this flavor.


Favorite chip 😋


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Yum yum!!

I got the sandwich crackers about two weeks ago and they tasted burnt/overcooked. I bought the gf cheese crackers and they taste the same. Not just me, my fiance said the same and I hadn't shared with him how I thought they tasted. Disappointed.

Love those crackers.

Kristi Carter

A sweet and salty snack with no campfire required.


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Not enough salt Mr. Snyder. Need more salt!

Love Snyder’s pretzels. Just the right amount of salt for me.

What happened to your cheese curls?!?

Love! Your pretzel pieces hot buffalo flavor! 💙

Yum how to make

The jalapeno pretzels are amazing!!

Yum yum!!

No salt here folks.

Bettina Sternberg

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Looking for a simple and satisfying veggie dish? Head to @onesweetmesss blog for her recipe for roasted broccolini with dill yogurt sauce and sliced almonds. #MadeForHomemade


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You should’ve dip the pretzels in white chocolate

How cute!

The question is does it taste good? My momma always told me not to play with my food LOL

Penquins are so cute-great for a winter wonderland party

That’s something I would do!

The most time consuming and unhealthy snack imaginable.

Lauri Festante Dunphy check this out! Could be done with banana too

Liz Acosta I think you and Kallie should make these.

I would use Reese pieces so you get more orange and yellow

Great idea for kids😊 Thank you for sharing.

Sarah Bechtel maybe we could make these!

These are adorable. I’m gonna try these for my kids.

Love these chips with laughing cow cheese especially the spicy one

That is so cool

Cute idea.

Looks good





Breanna Weidert. Aren’t these so cute!!

They looks like they would be very tasty

Heidi Knitz, fun thing to do with the girls!!

Too cute

Sara Nelson. When Ella does the letter P. This would be a cute snack

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Thanks LANCE SNACKS for my Prize Pack !!!

I'm just a big kid and I love the whole grain and real cheddar...yum!

Cream cheese and chive are my favorite and my sons is peanut butter 😍🤞🙏

Peanut Butter with cheese crackers.

Peanut Butter Crackers are to go to favorite.

All my kids love the peanut butter and cheese crackers.


Is husband with peanut butter and orange cracker.

Cheese crackers with peanut butter

Cream cheese&chives are my husband's favorite.

No little ones here anymore but I like the Toasty Peanut Butter

Peanut butter on Orange crackers!

The orange square nab. The best.

The Peanut Butter crackers

Peanut butter and crackers!

I ❣️❣️❣️ cream cheese & chives

cheese crackers

Peanut Butter, and stack them up.

Peanut better crackers.

Cheese with PB.

Peanut butter & jelly

Peanut butter

Toasty Peanut Butter

Lemon cookies

Cheese and crackers

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How incredible does this Roasted Squash with Miso Garlic Dressing and Toasted Almond Breadcrumbs look?! Head to @sasha.swerdloffs blog for the full recipe! #MadeForHomemade
This has become our favorite post-New Years lunch and it is easy to see why!


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That's not good for me

Elizabeth Rae Hawley

For all our friends cutting out gluten this January - head to @onesweetmesss blog for the most divine gluten free chocolate chip cookies, using our marcona almonds #MadeForHomemade


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Haley Niehaus Treat let me know how they turn out!💕