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Our current obsession - The Movement Menus paleo walnut carrot cake (made with our new Heirloom walnuts!). With such wholesome ingredients, we don’t feel guilty having a few slices. Click here for the full recipe - #MadeForHomemade


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Yummy delicious



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chilly and windy in south ms

8 hours ago

Pop Secret

And just like that, we've popped into spring! ... See MoreSee Less

Now streaming in HD. What do you see?


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A Not Baked Chip! Come on, why did you discontinue the baked chips??? Kettle Brand??

Trying to find the Maple Bacon chips but no stores in our locale has them yet :-(

Korean BBQ chips? By the way, I tried them! They are also delicious, but I still prefer maple bacon!

the good calories!

I see. Flavor

Yummy deliciousness ahhhh😃

If you make it, I will eat it!

My addiction... Now I just want you're Honey Dijon chips... damn..

Crispy bubbles & edges, pepper/spices - I want!

I see yum, pure yum!

crunch crunch crunch :P

A heckuva tasty snack!

Potato eclipse🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖

Mesquite BBQ Chips #fatguyradar

Flavor bits!

Deliciousness 😋

Flavor Town

They ask a question and don't rspond


Honey Dijon Ha !

Yum :)


Pure deliciousness!!

Spicy goodness

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Eating clean and green twith a handful of energy-packed pecans and green juice. #MadeForHomemade
The great outdoors just got even better.


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Please ship to Oklahoma!!!!

When are they coming to Michigan???😩

Best chip ever.

I call the Russets the Cadillac of potato chips


What are the red dots on this map for?

We'll be back to see you in September!!

I’m so glad they’re back!

The best

Nantucket Spice used to shout “Outdoors”

Tashine Groeger

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Fortune favors the flavorful. Get lucky. 🍀🍀🍀🍀


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Yours actually has a genuine sour cream taste.

Where do I find these in the UK?

Also jalepeno kettle cooked..just opened a

I need to find these! I haven't had sour cream and onion potato chips for nine years (Celiac). 🤓❤️👍


Tried the toothpaste flavored ones and loved em

My favorite ❤️❤️❤️🍀🍀🍀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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The Irish don’t eat spicy...hahaha

Too bad the buffalo cheddar waffle cut doesn't make it to NC but FL has it

Laura Mitchell oh how I miss green beer

I want these

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!

Amen Tip

Quero um

Phylisha Sheree Roberts

Caroline Cuneo

Denny Coldsmith

James Powers

Lance Smith

Chelsea Maureen

Kevin Sullivan lol

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Happy St Patricks Day! Rethink your parade snack and grab a bag of Pretzel Crisps® for on-the-go!


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Maybe i will try them

Grab a green bag garlic Parmesan! ☘️😋

I like Pretzel crisps.. good..

Yeah, those are very good.!

Erin go brag

My son and i love these!!

Happy Patrick's day today. Hallmark movies 🎥. Church Nazarene. Lucky 🍀.

Happy St Patricks to u all too thanks

I love them

Really enjoy them

Haven't had any yet. Sure would to try them soon.

Did you two really post this....yes there good

Love them all

Pretzel Crisps are delicious.

Likewise to all 🍀🍀

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Heres to a long life and a merry one. A cold pint, and another one. A bag of Pieces and a full one! #StPatricksDay


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They taste just like a grilled cheese sammich’. Still miss the southern bbq flavor ones☹️

I'm disappointed I can't find the gluten free pretzel sticks, hot buffalo wings anymore. I tried the buffalo wing pieces and didn't care for them as much

Always loved cheddar and ale pretzels, I will have to pick some of these up! Btw, you guys should totally make Pizza Pretzel Pieces!

why don't you make the ones people like and used to buy. cheddar Bacon.

Would really like to try this flavor but can’t find it. Snyder’s, help this teacher understand the blended flavors of ale and cheddar pretzels.

Please bring back bacon cheddar!!

Sound pretty good Alex Matt Andy

artificial flavoring!! What kind of crap is that?

Ben Haddrick

Thorsten Rink

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Pop Secret Popcorn has the biggest fluffy popped kernels of all i've tasted but just like the Orville Redenbocker i've bought for all of the popcorn, including Pop Secret has hulls on every kernel that you have to remove from your mouth to a napkin. Why is this. It's been the last 4 months with both brands and i hate having to remove food from my mouth. What has changed with the corn itself??? I guess i need to switch to nuts or chips and salsa.

....Said no one ever

Road chips for your road trips. Heading anywhere for Spring Break? 🚗🗺️


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Just added Kettle Brand to our menu! 👍

Where are the baked chips Kettle Brand?

Thursday (or “Friday Junior” as we sometimes like to call it) has us celebrating with cheese, crackers, our favorite nuts, and good company. How are you spending your Thursday?


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This looks good, maybe we should do this while watching next Project Runway next Thursday! I’ll bring the goodies you supply the TV! Interested Irene Vick?

Beaders are supposed to come over next Thursday. Can we make it another time?

Bible Study and Game Day!!!

You bet, whenever you feel up to it!