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You wont be able to make it through this week of Thanksgiving without a snacking companion. Our #bestbutterever has got just what you need.
Thanks Refinery29 for the interview and for starting this amazing day-in-the-life series called “This Is How I Do It” about women juggling big careers and families! I’ve been a longtime fan of R29, and I’m so happy to share a glimpse into how I ‘balance it all’ and how you all do it! Hint: For me, it’s all about flexibility in both the workplace and at home! 

Check it out here:


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I love late July sacks, buy it all the time.❤️❤️❤️❤️


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been hooked on the GF cheese crackers since discovering them a year or so ago, ran into one of your vendors at my local Walmart early this year and told him because they were so good you should come out with a plain Ritz style plain cracker because the lone GF company Glutino that had them are horrible tasting and nothing like a melt in your mouth Ritz - so was so happy that you have indeed decided to market one - their every bit as good as Ritz!

Thanks Lance Snacks! I’ll change up some from my everyday peanut butter crackers to some of these!

Everyones favorite dinner guest. 

How does Cape Cod make it into your fall festivities?


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I am so obsessed with your chips. I seem to buy 3 at a time. And within days the family eats them up. Just tried your sweet and spicy jalapeño and your infused jalapeño. And they are so good. My grandkids get excited every time I bring home new bags. These truly are the best chips out there. I am having trouble finding your tortilla chips. I've checked at Publix, Winn Dixie, and Walmart. They have none.

Just finished my last bag of 40% reduced fat Aged White Cheddar and Sour Cream. I can’t find them in any of the stores in my area. Are you still making them? I hope so.

The best chips ever...just got through eating my snack before bed...I could eat the whole bag, but I do put a limit on the amount I eat before I go to bed!!!!

My family always has Cape cod chips with lobster during the summer.

try them with cream cheese, people.

I mean...I binged on 1/2 a bag of these after a rough day at work today.

Crushed lightly and rolled around in melted chocolate! Yup!

Waiting for that Dark Russet deliciousness!!!

the best way right out of the bag

The perfect accompaniment to my leftover turkey sandwich!

I like all the Cape Cod Potato Chips flavors I've tried but my current fave is Salt & Vinegar.

Best chips ever


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Crispy celery, chopped hazelnuts, and pear vinaigrette star in this salad that make for the ideal Thanksgiving side dish that is packed with seasonal flavors. Recipe available via The Modern Propers blog. #MadeForHomemade
Treat yoself to something cinn-fully sweet.


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Are these in the stores yet?

Found them at sams. They’re tasty. Guessing you had to add sugar because they fried up bitter. Usually a bigger more starchy sweet potato and temprature are key. I’d like to have them like a normal chip...

Helen Breanna Lee....tell Kev Mommy wants some!!! 🙂


Treat yo'self!

Kristy Yoder Schemrich

Cheryl Esslinger

I thought it was a dick

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You just want to do that

It's heartbreaking

Don’t you love it when the organic avocados you bought for your guacamole are all perfectly ripe?! Today was that kind of day for me! #avocadoaddict 🥑💚😀


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These are THE best chips! My family loves them!

Chips and guacamole is highly addictive..

My favorite chips to go with my guacamole!

Avacado junkie...def. gonna try this!!!

LOVE these snacks. They are amazing!

💗 these!!!

My fav chips too...

Great of course😁😁

Love the spicy

Gret Product!!

Delicious chips

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On the go this week? Grab a pack of buttery macadamia nuts for an easy and delicious snack! #MadeForHomemade


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Can't find them in the store's, can we order you'll's nuts through the mail?Please let us know, THANK YOU. 🐦💝🐻

Wish I had some, so expensive.

Love Diamond Nuts.



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We love pairing with our local fall flavors! Tag someone you know who would enjoy Cape Cod with Harpoon Brewerys seasonal #beer!


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Sounds interesting! My hubby Darren Rogers would be interested in trying them!

Why did you not use Cape Cod Beer? You're right down the street from them. Don't get me wrong i like UFO but keeping this local would have been really cool.

I love Cape Cod chips!!!! Not so much beer 😃😃. Just ate a bag of Salt & Vinegar the other day !!!! Delicious !!!

Chips are awesome but I’m not a fan of any beer 😐

Scott Wheeler

Jakob Ospian-Echeverria

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Its finally the season for sweaters, but its always the season for our #bestbutterever.


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Important Info !


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Thanks! Kettle brand chips are my favorite, l seriously eat a whole bag of salt and vinegar like every week!

Too much salt in some types.

Maple pecan twice baked sweet potatoes? Yes please! Were loving this healthy take on sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving by Little Bits Of. Head to her blog for the full recipe! #MadeForHomemade


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Where can I purchase these? I am in Mid Missouri

I Love Lance Product

Kayla Dearman

Are these back and where can I get them?

I love these

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I never received my coupons I was told I would get in the mail 😢

I just love the Jalapeno lime chips yummy

The best chips I've ever had

The nacho chips are are fav! 😋😋

Throwing it back to an amazing event to be a part of - @beingoodcompany. Last month we hosted the snack bar for a 300 person womens conference and have been feeling inspired ever since (cred: @kbrodge)